Concept: Metrics and Feedback

There are a tremendous number of metrics available to help judge the efficiency, value and financial stability of for-profit companies.  Metrics like:

    • Price-to-earning (P/E)
    • Price-to-book (P/B)
    • Price-to-cashflow (P/Cf)
    • Debt-to-equity (D/E)

Some of these will map will to non-profits, and some will not.  Important metrics may be:

    • Financial Health Metrics
    • Raised-to-deployed funds  (% project funding met)
    • Other success oriented metrics.

In order to have good metrics you need companies to submit to a uniform and audited financial reporting.  Fortunately the IRS requires non-profits and foundations to make their financial reporting public through forms 990 and 990 pf.   These are potential sources for analytics.   Some companies such as Guidestar ( and Foundation Center (  have shown that these forms could be used for analytics.

To provide access to this information it would need to be wrapped in an accessible programming interface (API) that can be provided to rating agencies and brokerages.