Concept: Brokerages

Individuals need to be able to easily contribute (purchase project shares) from exchanges and manage watch lists and portfolios of the projects they are contributing to or interested in. Brokerages could emerge to provide this front-end functionality.  There are a wide array of services that brokerages could provide:

    1. Provide consolidated access to multiple worldwide exchanges.
    2. Track the tax benefits of contributions for account holders and report them at year end for tax purposes.
    3. Allow account holders to shift money easily between saving and giving portfolios.
    4. Make it easier for donors to manage complex instruments like Charitable Remainder Trusts.
    5. Provide an easy way to contribute on a regular basis to projects (dollar cost averaging)

Of course they would receive some fee for performing these more complex operations.  Competition should emerge to lower costs over time.  Personally I would like to have this functionality at my current brokerages so that I could see my taxable, retirement, and giving portfolios side-by-side. That way I can easily shift money between them at the click of a button and receive more complete statements at the end of the year that include both my taxable gains as well as tax-deductible donations.