Concept: Exchanges

The value of exchanges is they can provide a uniform method of fundraising for non-profits. They can do this by facilitating the collection of:

    • Campaigns (Donations)
    • membership fees
    • campaigns (Sales: tickets, t-shirts etc.)

From the public.   Currently, many non-profits continue to build this infrastructure themselves (into their websites) which is inefficient. For-profit exchanges are generally highly robust, fault tolerant, low latency networks.   It might be better for charities to focus on their charitable goals than all of them trying to build this infrastructure.

Non-profits generally have strict requirements around where their funding can come from in order to maintain their tax exempt status (for example 1/3 gross receipts must come from public services and 2% from any one contributor).   Exchanges can help non-profits track these requirements and even put limits on contributions if they risk exceeding them.

Centralization of this infrastructure will also make it easier for brokerages to connect to the exchanges and display campaigns and metrics for their users across global exchanges making it easier to donate to worldwide campaigns.